Joint & Crack Repair

Concrete Floors Require Maintenance

Concrete floors experience dynamic changes throughout their service life. Changes in temperature, humidity, material handling vehicle usage and MHV loading conspire to degrade surface conditions and drive the need to implement a preventative maintenance program. Early detection through periodic monitoring allows for timely maintenance that keeps business operations running smoothly and helps avoid expensive, disruptive repairs.

The Importance of having Joint and Crack Repairs on Polished Concrete Floors

With the emergence of polished concrete, today's concrete surfaces are showroom floors. Owners' and customers' expectations are rightfully high and their level of scrutiny is intense. More attention than ever is being paid to the care and craftsmanship exhibited in modern polished concrete floors. High gloss finishes, stained concrete and decorative designs demand a much higher degree of expertise when performing joint and crack repairs. Not only must repairs be structurally sound, they must also blend in with surrounding polished concrete floors.

Maintance of Commercial and Industrial Floor Joints

Control joints and formed joints create necessary interruptions in otherwise seamless concrete surfaces. If not properly installed and maintained, floor joints become impact points which will deteriorate at an accelerated rate, damage material handling vehicles and contribute to surface spalling. Properly maintaining floor joints prolongs a floors service life, increases productivity, creates a safer work environment and makes cleaning easier.

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