Industrial & Decorative Flooring

Industrial Flooring to fit your Needs

From moderate-duty, chemical-resistant and fast-cure systems to extreme-wearing, thermal shock-resistant and flexible systems, our industrial floors can take a beating while continuing to perform for years to come

Types of Industrial Flooring

  • Polymer Overlayments
  • Broadcast Systems
  • High Wear Coatings
  • Polished Concrete

Decorative Flooring to fit your Needs

From multi-colored quartz aggregates, to vinyl and mica flake broadcast media, concrete polishing and staining, we will help you achieve the effect you are looking for, while exceeding your specific requirements.

Types of Industrial Flooring

  • Flake Broadcast Systems
  • Quartz Broadcast Systems
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Polished / Stained Concrete

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